Café Sunshine

Our tuckshop, Café Sunshine, is run by our P&C and is available Wednesday to Friday. Our enthusiastic tuckshop convenor provides the students with a variety of healthy food options, many home-made, including gluten-free and/or dairy free.


  • We have two breaks for which the parents can order online using the MunchMonitor Online Ordering system.
  • Students can buy food and drink items over the counter during second break.
  • All orders need to be placed before 8am. We recommend ordering the night before or earlier (you can place orders up to 4 weeks in advance) to avoid the morning rush.
  • No second break online orders nor counter service available for Prep students.
  • Years 1-6 can buy snack and drink items over the counter during second break.

Break times

First break: 10.35am - 10.45am
Second break: 1.10pm - 1.35pm

Tuckshop contact

Phone: (07) 5474 6361 (M-W)


Our learners enjoy seeing their parents / friends / carers / grandparents behind the tuckshop counter.

In order to ensure the continuation of our service, the tuckshop needs at least 3 volunteers per day, in addition to our convener. It's preferable that we have regular volunteers on set days so that tasks can be learned over time. Even if you can only donate a few hours of your time your help would be greatly appreciated. It's a great way to meet new people and your support is invaluable in ensuring the continued operation of our tuckshop.

It is preferred that interested parents complete our online registration form so that the conveners can plan effectively and contact people individually. If you have any queries about volunteering or the tuckshop in general please don't hesitate to pop in and speak to our convenor.

MunchMonitor tuckshop Online Ordering


MunchMonitor is an online service that provides a simple way to order and pay for tuckshop and other services. You can order through web browsers on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones with internet access.

All tuckshop orders must be made via the online ordering system and must be placed by 8.30am on the morning of that day. Counter tuckshop service is available during the second break only (sorry, no second break online orders and counter service available for Prep students Terms 1-3. However in Term 4 online orders are allowed).
How do I register an account with MunchMonitor?

Please download instructions for login, registration and account details.

How do I close my MunchMonitor account?

Complete the Account Closure Request form and return it to the school office as soon as possible.

Please note that MunchMonitor account balances can only be refunded by MunchMonitor and not by the Tuckshop or the school.

For those leaving at end of year

If you’re unable to complete this form or return it to the office before the end of the school year, please email MunchMonitor with your details and request to close the account. Please allow 7-30 days for account closure and refund processing. 

How do I delete a student profile?

  1. Log into your account, go to MY ACCOUNT > STUDENT PROFILE. 

  2. Select the student profile you wish to delete from 'Student Profile Box' (left), scroll to the bottom of the student profile and click the 'DELETE PROFILE' button.

If you have any questions about the tuckshop, menu or online ordering, please see the friendly people at the tuckshop or call 5474 6361. Download MunchMonitor Q&A (PDF, 172KB) for further information.
Last reviewed 07 November 2019
Last updated 07 November 2019