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Purpose and vision


Our purpose is to continue to build our school community's capability to achieve quality learner outcomes.


In determining our vision, we asked our school community the following questions:
  •  What do we want our school to be? 
  •  What do we want to be as a staff? 
  •  What do we want our learners to be by the time they leave our school?  

We then articulated our school's vision in terms of these desired learner outcomes referred to as 'The Sunshine 7'.

What we want for our learners determines what we do. We are an outcome-driven school.

Vision Statement of Desired Outcomes

 ' The Sunshine Seven '
1. Competent, skilled learner
2. Life-long learner
3. Effective communicator
4. Creative, critical thinker
5. Happy, confident, self-managed individual
6. Socially responsible citizen
7. Environmentally responsible citizen 

Our vision, what we want for our learners, gives clear direction to our practices. We continually reflect on our practices by asking the question 'Is what we're doing getting us what we want? We want to help our kids be happy, successful children and to become happy, successful adults.