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Bus transport

For routes/bus numbers and further information about travelling to and from school please visit Buslink website.

All learners travelling on buses need to comply with Translink's Code of Conduct.

Safety tips for students on buses

(as provided by Buslink)
  • Please wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before you enter the bus in a calm fashion.
  • Always arrive to your bus stop early. If the bus is late, please stay at the bus stop. Stay alert and wait there till it arrives.
  • Please ensure that you have your bus pass / go card or money ready before you get on the bus.
  • If you are in a bus with seatbelts, please ensure you put them on as they are there for your benefits.
  • Make sure you know where the emergency exits are in case there is ever an emergency.
  • Please do not kick the seat in front of you.
  • Please do not leave rubbish behind on the bus.
  • Please respect other people and their property on the bus.
  • Please ensure you treat the driver with respect.
  • Remove your headphones before you leave the bus as this can distract you from being fully aware of your surroundings and potential danger.
  • Please ensure you get off the bus in an orderly manner. Please do not push, shove or run.
  • Never cross the road in front of a bus when you get off the bus.
  • Cross the road once the bus has moved on and you can see clearly in all directions.
  • Please notify driver if there are any behavioural issues.

Safety tips for parents around buses

  • Please do not park or stop in the bus stop area. This is dangerous as children cannot leave the bus safely, and cannot see on-coming traffic.
  • Parking opposite a bus stop is dangerous! Your child will be excited to see you after school and is likely to run across the road in front of the bus to meet you.
  • If you can’t park on the same side as the bus, it’s a great idea to meet your child at the bus stop. This will ensure that your child crosses the road safely and calmly at the designated crossing area.
  • Children are unpredictable as their sense of speed and distance is not mature. Please be sure to observe the 40 km speed limit when travelling in and around schools.
  • Please be aware of children crossing at zebra crossings and traffic lights. Be sure to slow down and follow the road rules as children’s lives are precious.