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Homework is a means of providing extra practice in developing aspects of literacy and numeracy skills especially the essential skills of Reading, Spelling and Number Facts.


  • To provide consolidation time for learners to devote to the development of the essential skills of reading, spelling and number facts.
  • To enable parents/carers to support and monitor the progress of their child and to be actively involved in supporting his/her learning.
  • To encourage learners to be responsible independent learners who are able to organise their personal home study schedule.

Operating Principles

  • Any homework set is appropriate to the needs and capabilities of each individual learner.
  • Any homework set is consistently monitored and assessed by teachers as regular constructive feedback is deemed necessary and worthwhile.
  • When teachers set homework, it is restricted to the time limits below:
  • Prep – Year 3 up to 15 minutes including reading                               
  • Years 4 and 5 learners up to 20 minutes plus time for reading
  • Year 6 and 7 learners up to 30 minutes plus time for reading  
  • Homework includes practice in reading nightly.  Spelling and Number facts should be set on a weekly basis. Alternative homework may sometimes be set provided time limits are not exceeded.
  • Homework should not be a source of tension or stress.  Parents/carers are urged to communicate with teachers via the homework book regarding any homework concerns.  Some individual children’s homework schedule may need to be adjusted.  Teachers are flexible and address individual circumstances of learners.
  • Parents/carers are requested to always communicate with teachers when circumstances prevent the learner’s completion of any set homework.
  • Teachers will inform parents/carers if learners are consistently not completing their set homework.
  • Parents/carers are encouraged also to read to their children nightly as a means of developing positive attitudes to reading and enhancing children’s vocabulary development.
  • Teachers at Sunshine Beach State School cater to the individual needs of their learners.  Through pre-testing, teachers allocate individual levels for spelling, reading and number facts that are meeting the individual needs of each learner.  Levels are often recycled to ensure retention of information.