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Sunshine remembers

We were honoured to have Mr Don Drysdale play the bagpipes at the beginning of the school ANZAC day ceremony and special guest, Mr Scott Sherwin from the Tewantin- Noosa RSL sub-branch address the school assembly. Mr Sherwin talked to a captive audience about the sacrifices people had made throughout wartimes to enable our way of life today. Along with Mr Sherwin and Mr Drysdale, other special guests included Constable Tim Brown and P and C president Mr Colin McFarlan.

The school student leaders each shared a special and informative part of the ceremony, which was respectfully listened to by fellow learners and staff, family members, special guests and members of the community.

School leader Ben said, ‘I shared the significance of wearing rosemary on ANZAC day. Rosemary is worn as a symbol of remembrance. It is a herb found growing wild on the Gallipoli Peninsula. I also explained that the Flanders poppy is also becoming increasingly associated with ANZAC Day, although it was traditionally only worn on Remembrance Day which is November 11.’

Ben also told the story of Private Jack Simpson Kirkpatrick, who was field ambulance stretcher-bearer, and his donkey Duffy. Ben said, ‘I really wanted to tell the Simpson and his donkey story because Simpson saved hundreds of soldier’s lives. The story of Simpson and the Donkey is remembered because of Simpson’s selfless actions in helping others in the war. We have a tradition at our school to wear a badge with the name of a relative or friend that we know of who has served in or fought in any war. This helps us to remember those people who have sacrificed so much for our freedom, our way of life, and to make our country what it is today. Private Simpson is one of those people.’

School leaders Makenzie and Dannica read the poems ‘And They March’, which is part of a song by Phil Paviour, and ‘The ANZAC Day poem,’ by Dan Watson.

After the laying of wreaths from special guests and each class representative, the learners, family members and members of the community were entertained by the school choir lead by Ms Gabby Wilcox singing ‘Waiting on the world to change’ by John Mayer. The ceremony concluded with the audience again being enthralled by the enchanting sounds of the bagpipes played by Mr Don Drysdale.