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Now and then

Living in the 21st century is a lot different to living in the 1800s as students discovered recently. Year 2 classes visited Pioneer Cottage in Buderim as part of their HASS studies. 
This beautifully preserved timber home was built in 1882 by early European settler, John Burnett who lived there with his wife and 8 children until 1952, when it was purchased for 454 pounds by a local school teacher.  The cottage was later bequeathed to the local community.
Today, volunteers guide school groups through the area, explaining and demonstrating times in 1800s. The students enjoyed touring the rooms furnished in period décor with one of the highlights being an old washing tub and discovering that it had to be filled with water that was brought in from the outside well! Unanimously it was decided that taps are a great invention. They further learnt that whole families took turns using the same water in a bath tub, starting with the cleanest person and ending with the dirtiest which was a great lesson in water conservation.
After turning up their noses at the thought of sharing a bed with horse hair mattresses, the students saw toys and played games that were popular 100 years ago. They played quoits, hopscotch, ball games and also enjoyed skipping and jumping with elastics. Students were amazed that the games they still play in the playground, children used to play in ‘the olden days’! Many were horrified when they realised that there wasn’t any technology as an alternative.
We ensure that learning is extended outside the classroom. Each year level has multiple opportunities either with incursions or excursions to enhance their learning with various opportunities. Learners realise that valuable learning takes place in the real world.
Year 2 teacher, Elizabeth, concluded ‘This excursion proved to be a great learning experience for all.  We discovered how things were done without electricity and learned how people entertained themselves without television and technology. This real life experience really helped the students to understand the impact that changing technology has had on our lives today.’