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Environmentally respectful Fair!

​Environmental Leader, Amelie, and her mother Caroline, were a formidable team in ensuring that our 2019 International Food Fair was respectful to our environment.
​A huge thanks to our incredible environmentally aware community of parents and students. Our Environmental Leaders, parents and teachers came together to ensure that our recent International Food Fair minimised the impact on our environment.

Families were asked to bring their own coffee mugs, water bottles (no plastic bottles were sold), crockery and cutlery. There was even a washing up station where volunteers did the dishes!

With the assistance of the wider community, the dream became a reality. Local pilot community, Plastic Free Noosa provided invaluable tips. Luckily a few vendors had already communicated with the organisation, whilst others served their food and drinks in paper plates and bio pak products. Emma Menzies from Noosa Council was very supportive and provided free bin covers. There were bin stations where the rubbish could be divided into recycled, landfill and compostable rubbish. These were manned by volunteers so no unwanted rubbish ended up in the compost bins and a large number of children and adults were thankful for the opportunity to 'do the right thing'. Early the following morning a small team of dedicated parents and children emptied out the compost bins onto the compost in the school garden.

We are so proud that we had the support of not only our school community but the wider community to be able to achieve our first eco friendly Fair.